RAIS Topas Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Rais

The new RAIS Topas stove harkens back to a time of cubist sculpture and represents the perfect blend of artistry and functionality. It fits in beautifully with any design scheme and can indeed be a showpiece for any room it graces. But it is more than just a pretty wood stove. The RAIS Topas Stove is a highly effective wood stove which has been built to meet environmental standards. People looking for a green wood burning solution that is aesthetically pleasing will love the Topas model. It utilizes the latest technology available to ensure proper combustion efficiency that extracts the most heat out of the wood as possible. This lends itself to fuel efficiency as it gets the most out of every piece of wood it burns while cutting down on emissions. It has a heating capacity of 1000 square feet, which makes it a completely functional wood stove capable of heating a large area.

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