RAIS Pina Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Rais

The RAIS Pina Stove is a modern wood stove that is simple in design yet highly innovative in functionality. This wood stove is positioned atop a simple base and can act as a divider or center point for any living space. This stove can be customized to include a turntable which allows users to rotate the stove 360 degrees, offering a view of the flames from any vantage point of the room. The firebox is constructed of durable steel and has the latest technology which insures a clean, quality and environmentally friendly wood burning experience. Like many RAIS models, it has the SWAN environmental label, an important distinction for a wood burning stove and one that green enthusiasts will embrace. This futuristic and stylistic wood stove can add to the design of any room with the added superior combustion technology for maximum warmth and comfort

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