RAIS Opus Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Rais

The RAIS Opus Stove is the perfect combination of style, functionality and quality. It can heat up to 1000 square feet making it an efficient and functional wood stove for heating purposes. But it is also imposing in stature and can really make a statement about a room and about a home. This high tech wood stove ensures environmentally sound wood burning by optimizing combustion and getting the most heat out of the wood. This wood stove comes complete with RAIS’s highly innovative convection technology and can be customized with soapstone which can accumulate heat and still keep a room nice and toasty warm long after the fire has died down. This beautiful sculpted wood stove is also designed to be functional and economical when it is used as a space heating solution. It is a classy addition to any home and a wood stove that is designed for efficient operation.

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