Many people do not usually consider a wood burning stove to be an efficient source for heating your entire house. However, by utilizing a wood burning stove in conjunction with a boiler system, you may be able to save more than you would think and do so in an efficient manner.

In the past there were many safety considerations you would have to make when considering a wood burning boiler. For one, boilers were believed to be dangerous and an outdated technology, but the systems that are available today offer many features that have made these systems safer.

The newer technology of wood burning boiler systems allows you to place the system up to 500 feet away from the location that you are heating. In addition, you can heat other buildings as well with this one system, such as garages, barns, sheds, work areas and greenhouses. The wood burning stove heats water and the water is pumped through specialized thermal pipes underground to your home. The system then converts the hot water into heat that can be spread throughout your home or building via a forced-air furnace, radiant baseboard or radiant flooring system. This also allows you to control your heat via a thermostat.

Additionally, these systems allow you to use them to heat all of your water. This is possible by adding a water to water heat exchanger to your system, which saves you in electricity and gas because these two sources are not being utilized to heat your water. These systems can also be used to heat your swimming pool or hot tub.

There are three methods that these wood burning boiler systems can heat your home. If you are looking for the typical central heating concept, then you will be interested in the forced air system. The forced air system uses a water to air heat exchanger and can utilize the existing air ducts in your home. Your existing furnace system can then be used as a back of source of heating should you require it. This allows you to switch your home to a more energy efficient and reduce the amount of time you use your energy wasting furnace.

These systems are easily able to allow you to spend in a year what you would have previously spent in a month. Additionally, you save because you are also able to heat your water. Also, you don't have the indoor mess that a wood stove can cause. The wood that you use also does not need to be split, making it even more convenient as a wood burning stove and central heating system.