Buying a wood stove for your home improvement is an ideal way to add a touch of charm to the decor of your house. There are varieties of available wood stoves that can heat a small area of your home, or even the entire house. Wood stoves offer a viable alternative to traditional methods of home heating that are both environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate.

When adding a wood stove into the overall design of your home improvement project, the unit will offer more than just an eye-appealing look to the room. New technology now makes woodstoves that are fully automated and even have the ability to double as a cooking unit. A wood stove is able to provide efficient heat due to quality materials and design.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Burning renewable resources is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, the amount of damage you do to the environment by living your daily life. A wood burning stove is rated a "carbon neutral" device, because it does not increase the amount of CO2 emission when used. Wood is known to emit the identical amount of CO2 whether it decomposes or is consumed by fire. As an eco-friendly solution, wood-burning stoves help save the planet.

Saving Money

When compared to other traditional heating methods including gas, electric and oil, burning wood can save you a significant amount of money. Gathering and storing wood throughout the warm seasons will provide you the opportunity to burn it during the cold winter months. The wood you burn should be seasoned (not green) that is dried thoroughly. With advancements in wood stove technology, many manufacturers are designing units that can provide up to three times as much heat than traditional older style stoves.

Emergency Cooking

Often times, during wind and snowstorms, your electrical power can be knocked out for days. Using a barbecue or camp stove indoors can be extremely dangerous, causing high levels of carbon monoxide to emit into the air, through the house. As a safe alternative you can use your wood stove to heat up many frozen and canned goods until the electricity has been restored.

Buying the Stove

The Environmental Protection Agency offers a list of certified woodstoves that meet or exceed the standards of efficiency and safety. Highly- rated, efficient woodstoves burn