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Self Sufficient

Most furnaces rely on electricity to power blowers and pumps. Wood stoves are totally off the grid. Although many woodstove inserts feature electric blowers, they can be operated without them if the power goes out.

Woodstoves are safe

Today’s high efficiency woodstoves burn clean and safe. There are no dangers of oil tanks leaking or gas lines exploding.


Well, there is no doubt that piling and hauling firewood is exercise. If you consider this a pleasant side effect then a woodstove may be for you. Otherwise you may wish to consider automatic wood delivery systems – aka chidren! If only I could convince my 3 kids that stacking firewood was fun for the whole family!


When was the last time you gathered the family around the electric baseboard heater over a nice cup of hot chocolate? There is no denying that the light and sounds of a fireplace or woodstove add to the atmosphere of your home.


Wood is a renewable resource. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you can cut your own firewood then heating your home will cost little more then your time. In most places though, firewood ranges from $150 to $200 a cord. Most homes can be heated with 3 cords or less.

The last year that I heated my home with oil along my oil bill was over $3000. Now I use $1000 of oil a year and 3 cords of wood. Half of what it used to cost me – and oil has increased considerably since then!

Be honest with yourself though. Heating a home with wood requires a lot of effort. Each year you will have to move and pile at least 3 cords of wood. Several times a day you will have to open the stove and fill it with wood. At least once a week you will have to empty the ashes.

Personally, I find nothing more satisfying the sitting in front of roaring fire on a stormy night knowing that my hard work has made this possible.